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Solium - Enhancing your Business through the Right Compliance Services

Today, to keep the pace with the ever changing business environment, enterprises have to comprehend the ongoing regulatory requirements meticulously. While enterprises are only focussed on driving better business results, they often fail to address the compliance requirements on time. This situation of uncertainty has led enterprises to quest for a reliable compliance service provider, who can plan, manage and act accordingly. Perceiving the challenges confronted by consumers, Marcus lopez founded Solium in Canada.

Since its inception in 1999, the company has been delivering cost effective compliance services ensuring reliability, security and integrity. Having offices in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, the company has served many notable organizations including SAB MILLER, Virgin, Atlassian, BOMBARDIER and many more.

Being a promoter of cohesive working environment, the company’s professional advisors and experts work with clients as partners. With its cutting edge solutions and remarkable services, the company simplifies the equity compensation plans of clients. While quality driven compliance service aids clients in meeting the compliance standards, Solium also focuses on providing fully integrated financial services. Their comprehensive financial services include Stock option administration, restricted stock administration, ESPP administration, performance shares administration, financial reporting, ESOP plans, equity compensation, Share purchase plans, stock plan administration, profit sharing, RSU plans and expense accounting.