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MitigateCRM: Quality Driven Compliance Services Infused with Confidence

With the advent of disruptive technology every aspect of businesses has been witnessing enormous changes due to its immeasurable ability to make processes hassle free.Until now, the banking industry though has remained untouched as the Central Bank post 2008’s economic crisis was focused on harbouring stability rather than technological reforms. But today as the rapidly growing economic industry—Fintech— endeavours to replace the traditional banking system to deliver agile, direct and user friendly financial services, complexities related to compliance, Anti Money Laundering issues and regulatory risk impede from performing operations optimally.Understanding the significance of a reliable and financial-experienced compliance service provider and gauging his own potential, Idan Levy,Founder, incepted MitigateCRM with a vision to bridge the lying gap between new and traditional banking industry, and to become a first grade partner to international investment funds and financial services providers, from the early stage of investment evaluation to the stage of providing professional support and helping financial services worldwide to smartly expanding their activity to Israel, placing their flag in its economic soil. Idan uses his over a decade experience in the financial industry delivering real compliance work and serving in senior managerial positions at both local & international major banks to assist "The banks of the future" smartly cope with AML and compliance risks.

Established in 2015, MitigateCRM aids its clients to meet the evolving financial regulations with confidence. The company’s high level compliance and risk management experts work on all areas related to financial regulations. It assists clients in legal & compliance advisory,providing tailor made policies & procedures infrastructure set up, training to staff, compliance &risk management projects, gap analysis, monitoring and testing, and providing technical solutions that support the business and assure adequate compliance to the local financial requirements. Right from the inception, the company has been aiding its clients to obtain a relevant licence to outperform their financial services without any hindrances.

IdanLevy explains, “The financial services business is not like any other business. The financial regulations are stricter and require that the business take constant pro-active measures to avoid being exploited by his costumers for the purpose of money laundering by allocating sufficient resources to Compliance functions. We provide on-going compliance advice and real-time support, BTB compliance officer/ director services and perform periodically checks to insure the company’s adherence to its procedures.”
In addition, since most of the new Fintech companies are obliged to rely on a regular commercial bank to deliver its financial services, MitigateCRM helps them to accurately characterize the financial idea and translate it into Banking terms and needs, making the bank account opening process substantially easier.

Today, MitigateCRM is creating a niche in the financial market with its ability to provide tailor-made anti money laundering policies and adequate procedures that meet the relevant regulatory requirements. The company is defining the regulatory needs and works directly with the clients’ existing operation team to embed the local regulation requirements into their system and tools. Incorporating a legal and compliance advisory team has helped MitigateCRM to provide end to end compliance solutions for both – traditional and fintech companies.

MitigateCRM is creating a niche in the financial market with its ability to provide tailor-made anti money laundering policies and adequate procedures that meet the relevant regulatory requirements.”

Apart from the customized compliance services, the company provides guidance and training to Fintech companies and Fintech accelerators, equipping its clients with all the necessary information which is essential to meet both the regulator's and the bank’s prospective requirements. This has enabled their clients to trust MitigateCRM through the process and beyond. While helping clients build a right compliance culture in their organization, the company also manages prospective risks meticulously and implements various compliance plans and work process for the benefits of its customers.

As a prominent compliance service provider in Israel, the company has served some valuable clients including International & local Fintech start-ups, investment funds, angel investors, financial and other regulated institutions. MitigateCRM makes its clients aware of the ongoing money laundering concerns, and helps them adopt appropriate measures for the organization’s safety. The company’s ability to comprehend financial compliance process of large financial institutions has enabled MitigateCRM to flourish as one of the renowned compliance service provider in the financial industry. In the coming years, the company intends to cater its best in class solutions to financial corporations and investors from all over the world.