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Beyond Security: Developing Automated Security Testing Technologies

More we rely on technology, more are the security threats we exposed to. Be it networks, software systems or web applications, security remains a constraint. While some times security threats are caused by tight budget, at times they are the outcome of incompetent testing efforts.

Thus, businesses that significantly rely on technology than anything else need to be cautious of the efforts they make towards ensuring utmost security in their IT systems. Over a decade ago, this vision became the founding stone for Beyond Security, a trusted company that offers testing solutions.
The company delivers testing solutions that are capable of accurately assessing and managing security weaknesses in networks, applications, industrial systems and networked software. It helps businesses and governments simplify the management of their network and application security to further reduce their vulnerability to attack and data loss.

Beyond Security is deeply focused on three major threat vectors that are commonly faced by corporations and governments, i.e., network, software and web applications. The company provides a complete line of accurate, cost effective VA and web app security testing solutions with AVDS. It’s a network vulnerability assessment product which is deployed as an appliance or cloud solution. Another major offering by the company is beSTORM which performs comprehensive security analysis on any networked software. In its extensive service portfolio, the company also includes Web Application Scanning and MSP Security Testing Solutions. With its expertise in testing solutions, the company has been catering to the most prestigious names from aerospace, retail, hi-tech, ISPs, information security and e-commerce sectors. Some of these include Juniper Networks, Master Card, Philips, AOL and Intel among others.