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Nokia’s GPON Mobile Backhaul Network Solution Aids China Mobile in Broadening Network Coverage


FREMONT, CA: China Mobile, a state-owned telecommunication company providing mobile voice and multimedia services, has entered into an alliance with Nokia to deploy a gigabit passive optical network (GPON) mobile backhaul network in the Jiangsu and Henan provinces.

The technology provides China Mobile with the backhaul infrastructure needed to support residential subscribers, enterprises, hotels, banks, schools and hospitals spread over some of China’s most populated areas.

China Mobile is focused on expanding indoor and outdoor coverage in urban areas and is investing in new base stations and more than one hundred thousand LTE small cells, which will be networked over the GPON fibre backhaul technology. Mobile Backhaul helps leverage the power of fixed broadband access network to efficiently transport the growing traffic of wireless subscribers. Nokia’s GPON mobile backhaul solution allows China Mobile to further develop its LTE broadband user base, while at the same time expand its fibre to the home (FTTH) footprint needed to connect more residential and enterprise users. GPON provides a cost-efficient and scalable backhaul infrastructure over the last mile of access - a critical enabler for the mass deployment of small cells

China Mobile will be able to gain the network capacity, flexibility and scale needed to support the 54 percent increase in data traffic expected across Asia Pacific by 20201. The streamlining of network operations will also lower the total cost of ownership and simultaneously enhance subscribers' mobile service experiences.

"It's no secret that mobile traffic is exploding, growing exponentially as the world continues to go wireless. To support the data demands of wireless subscribers, operators are increasingly turning to fixed fiber networks such as GPON for their backhaul requirements to satisfy the scale, efficiencies and cost savings they seek,” says Federico Guillèn, President, Nokia's Fixed Networks business group. “GPON also eliminates the need to create parallel and dedicated networks for backhaul, while simultaneously expanding the fiber footprint to support growing residential and business ultra-broadband demands."

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