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Enterprise Copy Data Management Software to Tackle Data Sprawl


LAS VEGAS, NV: EMC, an information technology and services provider, releases Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) software to address the increasing challenges of data sprawl. eCDM enables organizations to streamline their processes for monitoring, managing and analyzing copy data. Individual administrators keep copies of data for various purposes such as data protection, operations, test/dev and analytics.

eCDM modernizes primary storage and protection efficiency through automated copy data monitoring and management. It includes user-defined service plans for organizations to ensure that the right amount of copies is at the right place.

The eCDM software aims to reduce the escalating costs of storing and managing multiple copies of the same data in organizations. According to an estimate by IDC, global businesses will waste $51B while storing data on the wrong tier of storage, or storing data that they no longer need by 2018. Without assistance for self-service copy creation, it is estimated that 82 percent of businesses have at least 10 copies of any single production instance of data. eCDM was created using this reason as the main focus to provide a solution; to enable businesses to maximize infrastructure efficiency to reduce costs.

eCDM is non-disruptive and provides a holistic view of copy data, while still empowering self-service copy creation. eCDM also supports EMC’s array of systems such as VMAX All Flash, EMC VMAX3  , XtremIO and EMC Data Domain systems. This enables a global overview while still allowing database and storage managers to create and use copies from native utilities such as Oracle RMAN and storage integrated copy data management.

EMC Enterprise Copy Data Analytics (eCDA) is a new analytics-as-a-service offering that is designed to complement eCDM and will provide insight to proactively optimize infrastructure. EMC eCDA will enable data-driven decision making, including actionable recommendations and service plan modifications to further maximize efficiency.

“To modernize business processes, customers need a complete vision of all the data across the organization – no gaps, no silos, no misinformation. eCDM links together a complete picture of the copy data across a business from primary to protection storage, ensuring customers have the right copies of the right data in the right place. eCDM is the first product to bridge the gap between data protection and data management, addressing the pressing challenge of ensuring the right levels of protection while also addressing copy data sprawl; helping organizations dramatically reduce cost while increasing confidence that their data is protected consistently and completely,” says Beth Phalen, Senior Vice President of Data Protection and Availability Solutions, Core Technologies, EMC Corporation.

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